Office of the Student Affairs

Message from the Head

The Office of Student Affairs aims to integrate academic experiences to different student programs for the learners’ physical, social, moral, emotional/mental and spiritual development and growth


We inculcate among learners, through all the programs and services they are engaged in, the value of Truth, Charity, Justice, and Fortitude. Thus, learners personify the Dominican charism in the community.


The Office of Student Affairs commits itself to learners’ success by providing transformative opportunities and outstanding services, and resources that enhance learning and development inside and outside the learning areas.


We enhance learners’ experiences by providing programs, and services that foster academic success and student development as they prepare for their future roles in the community.

The OSA embraces all aspects of a student’s life to mold them to become skilled and passionate aviation professionals who embrace challenges and work across disciplines and across aspects of their life outside the campus.

The OSA sets in motion holistic development through the facilitation of the creation of student organizations along with expanded sports programs to encourage community engagement in a way that is comprehensive and promotes unity through the students’ dynamic interactions.


Student Activities

Student Government

It is the highest governing body among all learners whose officers are elected through election. Before the election, the candidate goes through the rigors of registration, party affiliation, presentation of party platforms, campaigning and miting de avance. The COMELEC has also been organized among learners to look into the entire process of the election.

  • Supreme Pupil Government (YS4 to YS7)
  • Supreme Junior Student Government (YS8 to YS11)
Lower Level
  • YS 2 - YS 4
    1. Book Lovers Club
    2. Art Attack Club
    3. Fitness Club
    4. Joseph and Mary’s Little Angels
    5. Kapisanan ng mga Aktibong Mag-aaral sa Filipino (KAMFI)
  • YS 5 - YS 7
    1. Society of Young Scientist of r (SYSAC)
    2. Mathematics Enthusiasts Club
    3. Student Catholic Action Club
    4. Young Homemakers Club
    5. Junior Advocates Club
    6. Art Attack Club
    7. Fitness Club
    8. Literature Club
    9. Samahan ng mga Angelican na may Lingap sa Kasaysayan (SALIK)
    10. Kapisanan ng mga Aktibong Mag-aaral sa Filipino (KAMFI)
    11. Homebrew Club
Junior High School
  1. Samahan ng mga Angelican na may Lingap sa Kasaysayan (SALIK)
  3. Society of Young Scientist of r (SYSAC)
  4. Math Enthusiasts’ Club
  5. Student Catholic Action (SCA)
  7. Music Club
  8. Youth Volunteers
  9. Home Makers Club
  10. Art Attack Club
  11. Angelicum Critic Circle
  12. Nth
  13. Homebrew Club
  14. Peer Support Club
r Angelicum Summer Activity Program (ASAP)

These activities are being offered to the learners especially during the summer:

Issuance of School ID (AY 2021-2022)

All officially enrolled learners in r will be provided with a Virtual ID for free which will be sent to the learners school official email address. Printed IDs are still available only upon request with a corresponding fee.