Preschool and Basic Education - Lower Level

No one should be left behind!

About the Preschool

The Pre-school Department recognizes the needs and potential of each child. It aims to assist in the total development of children, i.e. intellectual, physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual, so that they will be prepared for life and be able to adjust to the changing conditions of their environment.

Children in their preschool years are given the opportunity to grow, to learn spontaneously with joy, making it a period of great importance in their education.

It provides developmentally appropriate programs that focuses on the process of learning to help children reach their full potential and develop their natural curiosity, thus instilling a lifelong motivation for continuous learning


The r Angelicum Preschool Department envisions the nurturing of lifelong learners who will have the motivation to achieve their full potential, the confidence of self-discovery, and an interest in engaging, relevant and enjoyable social experiences.


The r Angelicum Preschool Department is committed to:

  • designing of engaging and relevant learning programs;
  • creating meaningful activities and services for holistic learner formation; and
  • developing individuals who will become Stewards of God's creation, Engaged global citizens; Active lifelong learners and Lovers of Truth.


The Preschool Department of r aims for its learners to:

  1. live as witnesses of the Gospel, and manifest truly Christian values and attitudes in relation to oneself and with others;
  2. manifest a deep love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Dominic and other Dominican Saints through ardent devotion to the Holy Rosary, and commitment to Truth, Justice, Charity and Fortitude;
  3. involve themselves actively in religious and civic welfare activities;
  4. show the ability to learn in all situations;
  5. acquire fluency in verbal expression;
  6. acquire functional level of literacy and numeracy;
  7. exhibit the ability to think critically and demonstrate creativity across disciplines;
  8. demonstrate objectivity in evaluating their courses of action, and in making right judgment and decisions;
  9. identify and appreciate varied cultural patterns and manifest a sense of cultural identity as Filipinos; and
  10. aspire to develop continuously a well-balanced personality, and physical and spiritual well-being.

Academic Program

The r Angelicum Preschool provides for the optimal development of children during their preschool years, since basic knowledge take place during the first five years of a child’s life. The Preschoolers are given the opportunity to explore their potentials, develop their skills and showcase creativity.


Offered to children who are 4 years old. This level serves as preparatory stage before a child goes to Kinder, and this is where children are give the opportunity to connect what they know and what they are learning in a fun yet educational way


Children who are 5 years old are being catered to by the Kindergarten level. In this stage, our academically-rich Kindergarten program which includes Language, Reading, Math, Arts, P. E. and Christian Living provides children with opportunities to appreciate learning and enhance their skills in numbers, reading and communication before they enter the first grade.